Cash Up To $5000 For Unwanted Cars In BrisbaneInterested in removing that piece of old, unwanted junk from your yard? Car Removal are one of the biggest car removal company that offers top cash for used cars in Brisbane.

In fact, our company is playing a leading role in the car recycling process. As number of cars (both imported as well as foreign) increase on country roads, so is the number of unwanted junk cars.

Aside from that, many accidents on congested streets & roads bring many more unwanted vehicles in the community.

These old, damaged cars can sometimes create a huge mess as it’s impossible to find buyers as they don’t have any market value & are not worth to be registered.

Cash For Used Cars -Truck, Ute, Van, 4WD


If you find yourself in this type of situation then call: 07 3290 1192 & request our same day & free car removal service. Our cash for used cars team will immediately donate you a no-obligation quote for your car & will moreover book a tow truck to remove your junk car as per the date & time convenient to you.

We will note the number & address & will inform you at least one hour before the actual pickup time so that you know that tow truck is on its way.

You can sell your junk cars to us. We pay top dollar right at your door? We can clean up your yard or driveway on the same day!

There’s no need to come to our office for a quote. We can provide you no obligation quote over the phone or online. Contact us on: 0426 000 722 submit the online form.

Sell Used Cars

Our branch in Brisbane is servicing the city for the past many years & has gained tremendous reputation due to its swift & effortless car removal service. All those we’ve serviced for their vehicle removal have always referred us to their family members & friends.

We can easily pickup & remove vehicles from all locations including underground parking. If you are in a situation where your car has been badly struck in the car park & there’s no chance of it being driven out in any way, then Swift Car Removal will send its special removal team to remove the car in the short time.

You just need to explain the whole situation to us over the phone so that we can come prepared accordingly.

Vehicle Disposal & Car recycling in the entire Brisbane is made efficient, effortless & fast. If you’re looking to dispose off your car that is no longer fit for repairs, then you’ve come at the right place.

We at Car Removal can pay up to $5000 cash for unwanted scrap cars , vans, SUVs, 4WD, utes & trucks. Just call us on:07 3290 1192

We usually remove vehicles at two hours notice.

Swift Car Removal offers the following services throughout Brisbane area:

  • Cash For Used Cars
  • Sell Used cars
  • Free Unwanted used car removal
  • Sell Used Car Online

Cash For Used Cars Removal

When you sell your car or any other vehicle for cash to us, we will offer you a completely hassle free & cars removal.So, don’t worry approximately paying tons of cash as towing fees.

We remove all kind of vehicles for free in all Brisbane  suburbs. And remember, It doesn’t effect price quote that we offer to you over the phone or email. We donate the instant cash that we quote & we immediately remove the vehicle with our free vehicle removal service.

Some FAQs

  • Will you purchase my unwanted vehicle if it’s encumbered?Yes, we can buy provided the due amount to the lender is less that our offer on your vehicle. When we purchased any vehicle we always obtain confirmation on payout from the lender. We pay remaining amount to the lender & will moreover pay any difference to you.
  • Do I have to come to your office or will your people visit my premises to value my car?We can visit your place. You can moreover obtain quote over the phone. Please call on: 07 3290 1192 and discuss how you can obtain cash for used cars.
  • When & how do I obtain paid for my vehicle?As shortly as you hand over your vehicle to us, we’ll pay you the agreed amount in cash or in your bank account. Unlike other buyers we do not take seven days.
  • Do I need to obtain a roadworthy certificate?You don’t need any roadworthy certificate in South AustraliaYou don’t need it in NSW You don’t need it in Victoria
  • Do you need my rego papers?Yes, you will have to provide us with proper identification & rego papers such as your driver’s license to prove that you’re the real owner.


Interested in selling your junk car? Interested in cash for used cars in Brisbane? Get in touch with our team at: 0426 000 722

or fill a short online form to obtain an instant no-obligation quote!