We’re so dedicated in helping you to obtain rid of your vehicle that we won’t charge you a penny for our services. Instead, we pay you for the car recycling process that’s going to take place once it has been removed from the premises.

Scrap metal are an infinite source of parts & metal that can be reused to make other things. The parts under the hood can always be cleaned & reused, & the chassis of the vehicle can undergo the car recycling process to create new steel for new cars or other tools.

There’s no reason for this scrap to be thrown away when it’s perfectly useful as something else.

Cash For Car Disposal


By calling us for car Disposal service, you can assist to improve the environment & receive 100% satisfaction from having your space returned to you, & with extra money in your wallet.

We’re dedicated to working around your schedule so that the car removal process can take place at a time that is convenient for you. Our staffs are trained in the use of the latest technologies & hardware to assist you remove your unwanted cars as shortly as possible.

We’ll take it off your hands quickly & effortlessly so that it’s no longer a burden to you & your yard space.

We don’t leave our customers waiting either. We understand how inconvenient unwanted cars can be, so our Car Disposal services are delivered in a timely manner in order to ensure that everything is taken care of as shortly as possible.

No matter the make, the model or the number of vehicles you have, we can take care of all of them for you, absolutely free of charge.

Cars Removal for Disposal

There’s no waiting for a cheque in the mail or a deposit into your bank account. We donate you cash in hand, so that you know exactly how much you’re getting for car recycling, without having to pay someone to take care of it for you. There are no towing fees either, so you stand to benefit the most from our car removal services.

Don’t let your unwanted cars continue to remain on your property without a purpose. They can be put to satisfactory use again by going through recycling & being converted into something else. Instead of remaining an eyesore, you can donate your broken down cars new life, & be paid for it as well. Regain your yard space & call our car removal services today.

We offer a free Junk, Unwanted & Scrap Car Disposal service & we moreover offer maximum Cash for cars with free Car Removal. At the time of pick up our driver will donate you the cash & a company receipt which will have all the details of the company.

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If you have a car with full of rust, paint or hail damage no problem at Scrap Cars Removal we buy any sort of car & metal recycle. Don’t think your car is old & worth nothing we still pay what your car deserves.

At Scrap Car Removals we pay top dollar for Old Truck, Ute, SUV, 4×4 & much more

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