Old Cars Removal

Get TOP DOLLAR up to $5000 for your Old Unwanted Scrap Cars!!Worried on how to get rid of that old piece of rusted junk saddled for years in your precious driveway or yard

Want to get rid of it fast?

Want to earn good cash in the process?

Then you’ve reached the right place. We offer you same day scrap car removals in Brisbane  with free towing service.

We are one of the oldest and most reputable removal firms and have been serving the community since years. We can pay you up to $5000 for your junk unwanted vehicles.

Scrap Car Removal Brisbane

You should choose us because we are the oldest and most reputable company offering scrap car removal in all suburbs.

We pay TOP DOLLAR and pay right at your door for all types of junk cars and other vehicles. We even buy boats, jeeps, vans, suv’s and fleet of trucks. So whatever you have we will readily buy it from you at HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICE and remove it on the same day.

Once you choose us for scrap car removals, the entire process becomes as easy as 1 2 3. You just need to pick up your phone and call us.

Provide us details about your old rusted vehicle and soon we’ll revert with a TOP quote. You can also get this quote from us online.

Once you accept our quote, we will depute our crack team for speedy same day scrap car removals from your place. We will reach your place at a mutually agreed time. All our services are absolutely free and we will also complete all your paperwork for free. There are no charges!!

We Move Fast!

We’re FAST and can reach your place within an hour, or at any other time convenient to you for scrap car removals. We can even work on weekends.

Our team always prefers to work around our customer’s schedule. Our team can complete paperwork on the spot and can pay you the promised cash at your door.

Car Removal

If you have a old car that’s worthless & taking up lot of space in your yard, or you’ve been in an accident, you can easily turn this inconvenience & calamity into success by contacting Cash For Car Removal Brisbane on: 0426 000 722With us, you can really triumph in your situation & can moreover obtain the best deal out of it.

Just when you though you’re losing money with your junk car, our team can come along with a tow truck & offer you a professional car removal service anywhere in Brisbane.

It offers you carefree experience, money in your pocket & complete affordability.

Call us on: 0426 000 722

or simply fill out a small online form on our website & shortly our team will be in touch with you to make all necessary arrangements to pick up your car.

Car Removal BrisbaneWide

We will takeaway all unwanted cars off your hand & will pay top dollar for it.

We can BEAT all our competitors when it comes to best price! We will take your car out of your backyard & swiftly remove it without any hassle.

Car Removal offers you completely free & QUICK car removal service. Whether it’s a junk car, a scrap car, or even a damaged or old car, we are there to come over & have a look & shortly we’ll pay you maximum price & tow your car away.

It’s as effortless as that!

Usually people don’t see a car removal service that’s completely free. You can trust us, our service is totally free & we will pay not, not charge you, so that you can obtain rid of your junk forever.

There is NO hidden cost or charges.

Junk Car Removal

We’re the BEST, FASTEST & MOST RELIABEL car removal service in Brisbane that removes junk cars before they litter the countryside.

A trustworthy car removal experience in Brisbane is when you obtain the top dollar for your unwanted car & superior customer service as well.

That’s why car removals Brisbane offers maximum cash for cars.

If your car can no longer be trusted to obtain you safely to your destination Cash For Cars with free car removals is the way to go. We offer up to $5000 for your car.

Imagine seeing your unwanted, old car being towed away within hours, & all your headaches gone forever!

Scrap Cars Removal

We’re located right in Brisbane & our sole aim is your 100% satisfaction.

Scarp car removal service from us means you obtain all possible assist from a team of seasoned experts that are well-equipped with latest devices & equipment to assist them quickly remove those scrap cars from junk yard or backyard & they go to all areas with complete industry knowledge, expertise & professionalism.

Anybody would love to obtain some cash for junk, & you’re one of them don’t forget to donate us a ring. We will offer you best prices for your unwanted car & clean up your backyard or driveway.

Even if it’s a scarp car, we can pay cash for cars.

We buy all types of vehicles, & our service works well.

Easy Steps

Cash for Car Removal Brisbane is a professional company that can easily move any type & shape of car or any other vehicle. We have vast knowledge & regardless of whether you have a car, ute, van, SUV, 4×4 or any other vehicle,

we will come up swift & remove it confidently.

It’s really impressive to know that when you donate us a call, our team will right at your door within hours with a tow truck & quoted cash.

We will complete paperwork, hand over the cash & tow your car away.

Cash will be paid on the basis of the actual worth of your car.

We accept all models & makes, including Land Rover, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, & even BMW.

Car Recycling service

If your junk car isn’t worth repairing, & you live in Brisbane metropolitan area, with car removal Brisbane service, your old car will be immediately picked up & towed away free of charged.

Your scrap car will be removed whether its unwanted, broken, scrap or junk you still will be paid top Cash For Cars.

Not only that, all paperwork will be processed within minutes. We moreover take responsibility of recycling your old car in an eco-friendly way.

Our staff is always friendly & helpful & they simply want to ensure that the entire car removal process is smooth, swift & pleasant.

Simply donate us a call on: 07 3290 1192 or 0426 000 722& enjoy our service!

Scrap Cars Removal

Get TOP DOLLAR up to $5000 for your Old Unwanted Scrap Cars!!Worried on how to get rid of that old piece of rusted junk saddled for years in your precious driveway or yard?

Want to get rid of it fast?

Want to earn good cash in the process?

Then you’ve reached the right place. We offer you same day scrap car removals in Brisbane with free towing service.

We are one of the oldest and most reputable removal firms and have been serving the community since years. We can pay you up to $5000 for your junk unwanted vehicles.

Scrap Car Removal Brisbane

You should choose us because we are the oldest and most reputable company offering scrap car removal in all suburbs.

We pay TOP DOLLAR and pay right at your door for all types of junk cars and other vehicles. We even buy boats, jeeps, vans, suv’s and fleet of trucks. So whatever you have we will readily buy it from you at HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICE and remove it on the same day.

Once you choose us for scrap car removals, the entire process becomes as easy as 1 2 3. You just need to pick up your phone and call us.

Provide us details about your old rusted vehicle and soon we’ll revert with a TOP quote. You can also get this quote from us online.

Once you accept our quote, we will depute our crack team for speedy same day scrap car removals from your place. We will reach your place at a mutually agreed time. All our services are absolutely free and we will also complete all your paperwork for free. There are no charges!!

We Move Fast!

We’re FAST and can reach your place within an hour, or at any other time convenient to you for scrap car removals. We can even work on weekends.

Our team always prefers to work around our customer’s schedule. Our team can complete paperwork on the spot and can pay you the promised cash at your door.

Sell Scrap Cars

Sell Scrap cars that no longer useful and can be a big headache for its owners as they find it very difficult to get rid of them.

There are no buyers on the market and they cannot dump them just anywhere as they have to pay hundreds of dollars as towing charges.

In some cases, these vehicles have absolutely no selling value. We can pay you the best possible price and can tow it away for free on the same day.

At Car Removal Brisbane , we welcome all models/makes in any condition. Our team has all necessary tools and equipment at disposal and can easily reach almost all suburbs within an hour for scrap car removals and can serve with:

  • Absolutely free same day junk car removal
  • Top dollar rusted vehicle removal
  • Scrap car/van/truck removal
  • Damaged car removal
  • Cash for cars
  • Cash for accidental jeeps, trucks or cars
  • Cash for discarded vans
  • Cash for 4WDs/4×4’s
  • Rusted unwanted scrap car removals
  • Free suv/van/4wd removal
  • Free commercial vehicle removal

So, no more worries about your old junk vehicle. Whether it’s a car, truck, SUV, van, 4wd, 4X4, ute, boat or bike, we can definitely pay you best ever price right at your door.

Best of all, we are happy to work around your schedule.

We’re Seasoned Professionals

Our team many years of hands on experience and is reliable, honest and fast scrap car removals service that offers highest possible price in the city.

We’ve successfully built this reputation over years and our huge network covers all suburbs. Our team can provide you free quote and once you accept it, we will quickly send our experts to your place to remove the junk at your preferred time.

Usually there’s no need for you to be present there. We can also pay as per your needs and there won’t be any towing fee.

We Accept All Makes and Models!

Whether you own a Toyota, BMW, Ford, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Mazda, or Landrover, we accept all models and makes. Whatever your motor vehicle is, whether it’s in on road or not, we can definitely buy it and can remove it on the same day for free.


For scrap car removals, get HIGHEST POSSIBLE quote over phone: 0497 141 323 or submit an online form.

Our courteous experts will provide you all possible assistance within minutes.

Get rid of that piece of rusted junk today itself and earn good cash in the process!

Old Car Removal

Up to $5000

Cash for Old Cars Removal

Brisbane Wide Serviced & Free Removal

Really desperate to remove that piece of old junk from your driveway or yard? We are one of the oldest & most professional old car removal service that offers highest ever cash up to $5000 for unwanted cars in Brisbane

In fact, our team is playing a leading role in the entire old car removal & recycling process. As number of cars continue to rise on our roads, so is the number of unwanted old cars. Besides this, lot of accident take place on congested streets, which brings back many more scrap cars in the community.

These junk, damaged cars can sometimes create a huge mess as nobody is interested in buying them & they have no market value. They’re moreover not worth to be registered.

Call us at: 0426 000 722 for a FREE quote for old car removal.

If you’ve a old unwanted car & want to remove it expeditiously from your property, then immediately call our team at: 0426 000 722

and request our FREE same day towing service. We can provide you no-obligation quote within 10-15 minutes & once you accept our quote we will send a tow truck along with our team for your old car removal at the time most convenient to you.

Our representative will note down your address & phone number & will inform you at least an hour before the actual arrival so that you’re aware that tow truck is on the way.

You can unquestionably hope for best ever price for old car removal. We usually pay top dollar right at your door. Scrap Car removal guarantees that its team will clean up your yard or driveway on the same day & will pay you for your junk!

There’s no need to personally visit to our city office for a quote. We can provide you no obligation quote over the phone or online.

Contact us on phone at : 0426 000 722

or fill a short “Get a Quote” form.

Old Car Removal Brisbane

Our cash for old car removal service is in operation in Brisbane since past man years & has been widely successful in gaining a tremendous reputation mainly due to its effortless &  junk car removal service. Thousands of customers we’ve serviced in Brisbane have always referred us to their family & friends.

Our team can quickly remove junk cars from all areas including difficult underground parking areas. If you’re in a situation where it’s not possible for you to remove your old car as it is badly stuck in your car park, we’ll quickly send our special team to remove the car within seconds.

You just have to explain the whole situation to us over the phone & we’ll come prepared accordingly.

Old car removal & recycling in the entire Brisbane area is made efficient, quick & easy. If you’re looking to dispose off your old, unwanted car that is no longer fit for repairs, then you’ve surely come at the right place.

We can pay up to $5000 in cash for unwanted old cars, SUVs, Trucks, vans, trucks, 4WD, & utes. Just call us on: 0426 000 722

We usually remove vehicles at one hour notice.

We offer the following services to our customers throughout Brisbane:

  • Cash Cars For Unwanted Old Cars
  • Cash For Junk Cars in Brisbane
  • Old Car Removal Brisbane
  • Cash Paid For Trucks
  • Scrapping Old Cars
  • Car Recycling
  • Cash for scrap cars
  • Cash Paid For SUV’s
  • Cash Paid for 4WDs & Vans

Old Car-Truck Removal Brisbane

When you sell your old, unwanted car to us, we immediately offer you hassle free removal. Therefore, when you select us you won’t have to worry approximately paying hundreds of dollars as towing fee.

We can ensure old car removal for free in all Brisbane suburbs. And remember, towing is COMPLETLEY FREE & won’t affect our price quote. We always pay you the quoted amount & will immediately remove the vehicle.

Why Choose Us?

There are dozens of cash for old car removal companies out there, yet we’re the only one that have been in this business since years & specialize in removal all types of old, unwanted cars.

And there’s moreover one VERY IMPORTANT reason why you should sell your cars or other vehicles to us & not those other guys: We can unquestionably make you the highest & best possible cash offer. We pay top dollar for any old car, truck or SUV in any condition

Interested in cash for old car removal? Get in touch with us at: 0426 000 722

or fill a short “Get a Quote” form to obtain an instant quote!

Accident Car Removal

There are services that offer assistance to accidents. If it is approximately your car, you can depend on our Accident Car Removal service.Accident Car Removal is the process of removing the car from certain place. It was earlier known that some people would want to remove their old car from their property, so it is being removed by a removal company.

It is just the same with this because a specific car will be removed from a certain location. But it is that old, it is because of the accident. There are already notable removal companies that will sure do the job for removing this car.

Here are the following tremendous things that you can expect from Scrap Car Removal:

Free Car Removal – unlike any other removal companies, We offer you free service in removing your car. Why would you pay that high when you can count on us? You can count on Swift Car Removal the moment you obtain in contact with us forAccident Car Removal.

Cash for cars – if you think that you will not have anything to do with your damaged car, well, you are wrong. It is because in this company, after they have removed your car from that place, you will be able to receive a cash amount in exchange of that vehicle. For you this car is useless because it’s totally damaged, yet for us, we are still able to pay top Cash For Cars.

Written-off Car Removal

Any type, Accepted – even if your car is already old brand of car, the Accident Car Removal Company will still accept this. It is because they can still see a value in it although it was totally damaged by the accident.

On time – We are always on time the moment that you needed it most. Their services are available, six days a week, during office hours. We proudly offer you a reliable & 100% Satisfactory car removal service.

How can you contact their services?

It is easy. The power is just in your hands.

Simply Call us on: 0426 000 722

Or You can moreover right away do your booking by filling out the Enquiry Form.

So to lessen the pain that you have gotten from the accident, remove that problematic car. You can count on with our Accident Car Removal service.

Junk Car Removal

Get Cash Up To $5000 For your Junk Car Anywhere In Brisbane . Are you desperate to get rid of your old junk car lying stubbornly in your backyard or driveway occupying valuable space? Want to speedily get rid of it? You’ve come to the right place. We atScrap Car Removal offer you best price up to $5000 for junk car removals. We also offer free towing facility and our team always pays you the quoted amount right at your door. There won’t be any surprises when you deal with us. we also don’t indulge in any last minute irritating negotiations. What we say over phone is final!

Junk Car Removal Brisbane

Our junk car removals are being carried out in all Brisbane  areas since past many years. Our company has been successful in gaining excellent reputation due to the high standards of its service. We’ve offered our service to thousands of residents and most of our customers have always referred us further to their family and friends.

We have the required workforce and infra to carry our junk car removals in all suburbs at a short notice. We can reach your place in Brisbane as early as this afternoon or at any other time convenient to you. If your car is badly stuck in some area of your property, we can remove it without any damage within seconds. You just have to explain the situation to our team over phone and we will handle the rest for you.

Your vehicle does not need to be in perfect drivable or running condition to get the best price. Every vehicle, regardless of its condition, has good value. For this very reason, our team can not only tow it away to the closet salvage yard but will also pay you highest possible price for scrapping it.

Most Aussies do not know that their old cars carries so many hazardous chemicals that can easily seep deep into the ground and pollute the water and land. Our junk car removals are eco-friendly, which ensures all your car parts are recycled in a responsible way and are reused in an eco-friendly way. When you choose us, you choose a reliable and trustworthy junk car removal service that values its customers.

When Is The Best Time To Get Rid Of Your Car?

You should consider junk car removals when the cost of repairing and maintaining your car becomes higher than its actual value and it has negligible value in terms of trade-ins. If it has multiple issues and you don’t want to pass it on to someone else, you should consider its seamless same day removal. You can also consider removal if you don’t want to spend money on putting up ad in paper, magazine or online. Lastly, you can consider junk car removals if your vehicle has been sitting in your garage for long and now you need some space for your new car.

What Happens To The Junk Cars You Sell?

All your cars are responsibly recycled. Our team removes all hazardous fluids and materials and follows eco-friendly practices to achieve this. Then we remove all usable parts and sell them to customers nationwide. Remaining junk is recycled in factors and is converted to steel. With our responsible junk car removals, your old car becomes even more useful as it reduces any need to build newer products from virgin materials. This also reduces mining and production costs.

So, How This Process Works?

Our junk car removals are fast and we operate through a network of collection depots spread across the city. This makes our process easy and fast. We are resourceful and can also buy fleet of trucks or cars in one go. We happily pay for cars, vans, trucks, boats, SUV’s, bikes, and 4WDs that are of no use to you. Once we identify the nearest depot, our drivers will reach your place along with a tow truck to complete the removal process after completing the paperwork and paying you the quoted amount.


We pay for all brands including Japanese, Korean, and European models. In fact, our junk car removals ensure best ever price for various Japanese models such as Nissan, Toyota, Suzuki, Isuzu, Mazda, Lexus, Suzuki and Subaru.

Do I Need to Be Physically Present There When it is Towed?

You are required to be there at pickup because we need proof of ownership. A valid state ID or your driver’s license is all we need to complete the paperwork.

Call us today on: 0426 000 722  or fill in an online “Get a Quote” form for a free online quote.

Car Disposal Brisbane

If you have a car sitting in your garage or driveway, being unused, then it’s time to do something approximately it. Unwanted cars don’t have to sit around on your property, taking up space. We offer free car removal service so that there are fewer burdens for you to worry about.We’re so dedicated in helping you to obtain rid of your vehicle that we won’t charge you a penny for our services. Instead, we pay you for the car recycling process that’s going to take place once it has been removed from the premises.

Scrap metal are an infinite source of parts & metal that can be reused to make other things. The parts under the hood can always be cleaned & reused, & the chassis of the vehicle can undergo the car recycling process to create new steel for new cars or other tools.

There’s no reason for this scrap to be thrown away when it’s perfectly useful as something else.

Cash For Car Disposal

By calling us for car Disposal service, you can assist to improve the environment & receive 100% satisfaction from having your space returned to you, & with extra money in your wallet.

We’re dedicated to working around your schedule so that the car removal process can take place at a time that is convenient for you. Our staffs are trained in the use of the latest technologies & hardware to assist you remove your unwanted cars as shortly as possible.

We’ll take it off your hands quickly & effortlessly so that it’s no longer a burden to you & your yard space.

We don’t leave our customers waiting either. We understand how inconvenient unwanted cars can be, so our Car Disposal services are delivered in a timely manner in order to ensure that everything is taken care of as shortly as possible.

No matter the make, the model or the number of vehicles you have, we can take care of all of them for you, absolutely free of charge.

Cars Removal for Disposal

There’s no waiting for a cheque in the mail or a deposit into your bank account. We donate you cash in hand, so that you know exactly how much you’re getting for car recycling, without having to pay someone to take care of it for you. There are no towing fees either, so you stand to benefit the most from our car removal services.

Don’t let your unwanted cars continue to remain on your property without a purpose. They can be put to satisfactory use again by going through recycling & being converted into something else. Instead of remaining an eyesore, you can donate your broken down cars new life, & be paid for it as well. Regain your yard space & call our car removal services today.

We offer a free Junk, Unwanted & Scrap Car Disposal service & we moreover offer maximum Cash for cars with free Car Removal. At the time of pick up our driver will donate you the cash & a company receipt which will have all the details of the company.

If you want to obtain rid of your Old, Scrap, Junk or Unwanted car then simply call us on: 0426 000 722

Or fill in the form below & we will obtain back to you soon.

If you have a car with full of rust, paint or hail damage no problem at Scrap Cars Removal we buy any sort of car & metal recycle. Don’t think your car is old & worth nothing we still pay what your car deserves. At Scrap Car Removals we pay top dollar for Old Truck, Ute, SUV, 4×4 & much more

Simply donate us a call on: 0426 000 722

or submit the online form & we will obtain back to you as shortly as possible.

Cash For Cars

Highest Cash For Cars Service in all Brisbane areas

Free Pick up & Cash Paid on the spot

Get Your Truck, Van, Ute, SUV, 4WD removed & receive up to $5000

Call us today for top Cash For Cars Deals Brisbane Wide

Cash For Cars Brisbane

Have a car or any other vehicle that’s no longer of any use to you? What approximately your scrap van or SUV that you cannot obtain rid of unless you pay? Whatever the condition of your vehicle, model, make or age, Brisbane cash for cars will immediately PAY YOU to remove it for free.

Our vehicle removals are worth up to $5000 Best of all, we pay instant cash at the time of removal.

At Brisbane Cash for Cars, we accept:

  • Scrap Cars
  • Wrecked 4×4
  • Used Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Junk Vans
  • Accident Utes

Any make, model, age or condition is worth up to $5000 at scrap car removal. And, all our car removals are free!

Call us at: 0426 000 722

and Get a free car removal quote today!

Car Removal For Cash

Want to obtain some cash for your scrap car yet don’t want to pay a penny as removal fee? Interested in a tremendous price for your old car with instant free-of-cost car removal from your office or home? Then immediately contact Brisbane cash for carsas we’ll send a team to handle the entire operation within hours.

We service the entire Brisbane area with our free car removal service, & we pay top dollars to you on the same day.

Want to obtain in touch with us? Just fill up a small online quote form by providing us details of your vehicle. We will shortly obtain back to you after receiving your details.

You can moreover call our friendly team on: 0426 000 722

Cash For Unwanted Cars

Cash for cars Brisbane is a Scrap Car For Cash company of the city. We offer best prices for car removals in Brisbane.

Being a fully licensed auto wrecker & trader, we’re able to offer you top dollar on all scrap auto removals. Our company is deeply committed to our customers & the communities that we serve.

Our staff consists of highly professional, qualified, & experienced:

  • Customer Service Reps
  • Auto Haulers
  • Auto Wreckers
  • Auto Appraisers

Our auto wreckers work 24 hours a day, six days a week. This is done to ensure all our customers have the best in vehicle removals.

When you select us as your car removal company, you are provided with:

  • FREE Car Removals Brisbane
  • Top Dollar on ALL Car Removals
  • Auto Wreckers
  • Accept ANY Age & Condition
  • Accept ANY Make & Model
  • Receive Instant Cash
  • Reliability
  • Same Day Car Collection
  • Licensed Cash For Cars
  • Best Price In Brisbane
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Car Removals to Any Suburb in Brisbane

We are a leader in the Brisbane community, offering friendly, fast, & professional service that pays. Our free car removals are worth up to $5000

Instant Cash for Cars

Car for Cars Brisbane  means Cash up to $5000

Cash For Cars Sydney

Our customer friendly & unique cash for cars Brisbane service guarantees you best prices for all kinds of scrap, old, unwanted, & junk cars regardless of the location of your location in the city.

Through our service we offer up to $5000 cash for all types of Australian, European, American & Japanese, model cars.

Get estimate of your car by calling our Brisbane cash for cars removal team on: 0426 000 722

You can moreover fill an online form. Just provide us with your car’s model, make & details approximately its condition & suburb, & shortly you’ll receive a price quote on your car.

We pay the same price which we quote you on phone. That’s our specialty. There are absolutely now towing charges.

We will assist you in all aspects on how we will purchase & remove your junk car & how many dollars will obtain into your pocket.

When you call us, you’re assured instant cash on your Brisbane. We offer up to $5000 on car removals of any sorts, including:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Ute
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • 4x4s
  • Commercial Vehicles

We Accept ALL Makes & Models

At Cash for Cars Brisbane, we accept all makes & models of any age & condition.

  • Lexus
  • Mercedes
  • Toyota
  • Mitsubishi
  • Dodge
  • Chevy
  • Subaru
  • GMC
  • Honda
  • Ford
  • Holden

Just contact us on:  0426 000 722 for an instant cash offer.

Our Unique Cash for Cars System

At cash for cars Brisbane, we’re licensed auto trader & wrecker that puts instant cash in your pocket. Every vehicle removal we perform is worth up to $5000 Our instant vehicle removal system is one that’s simple & works something like that:

  • You obtain an instant cash offer by completing our “enquiry form” on this page or call us directly.
  • Should you like our offer, then we’ll immediately schedule an appointment.
  • Our team will come to your location & will put the cash we offer in your hand & removal the vehicle at no extra cost to you.

The entire system is one that’s convenient & easy, & never a hassle. We perform all the work, including loading, so you just have to collect the cash. .


Cash for cars Brisbane is committed to community we serve & all vehicle owners in the community. It’s out commitment to pay up to $5000 in cash for every car removal we perform.

We perform green vehicle removal & implement this by reusing, recycling & reselling all metal & other parts of vehicles we buy.

We assure all our customers free car removals. No matter what condition, age, make & model.

Our dedication is to our community & customers in which they reside & work.

This is why it is our objective to offer free eco-friendly car removals & pay up to $5000.
For a swift & efficient car removal in Brisbane just donate us a call. Our auto wreckers are the best in the trade, offering:

  • Free car removals
  • Accident car & van removals
  • Scrap car removals
  • Junk car & SUV removals
  • Old car removals
  • Damaged car removals
  • Broken car removals
  • Wrecked truck & car removals
  • Used car removals

Our car removals are performed on 24/7 basis throughout the year. Just donate us a call & we’ll quickly schedule a FREE car removal that pays 100 percent instant cash.

We remove all shape & size vehicles, including entire car collections. We can be to your location as shortly as this afternoon!

Call US Now or Schedule

Call us on: 0426 000 722

Service Areas

In order to access our service, you must be located in Brisbane in any suburb. Our team can come to any Brisbane area to donate you instant cash for your vehicle on the same day.

We’ll buy your car regardless of the age & condition of your vehicle.

Get Online Quote now!

Cash For Unwanted Cars Brisbane

Get up to $5000

Cash For Unwanted Cars


along with free Cars Removal.

We: Pay Cash For any sort of:

  • Junk Cars
  • Old Cars
  • Damaged Cars
  • Written- off Cars
  • Scrap Cars

Get FREE Unwanted Car Removal Service ANYWHERE in Brisbane.

Want to earn some cash by selling your junk unwanted cars to us?

Get in touch with us on phone at: 0426 000 722 to receive an instant free quote up to $5000 and SAME DAY removal service. Rest assured, there won’t be any towing charges at all.

We can work around your schedule & can come to your place even on weekends. So if you have old, unwanted cars that you want to sell swift on the same day, there’s none better than us.

We always pay the promised cash & never haggle over the quoted price. That means, our team will always pay you the quoted price right at your door. We will complete all paperwork right at your door.

We no only buy old, unwanted cars, yet moreover trucks, utes, Jeeps, SUV’s, trucks, 4wd’s, boats, 4×4 & even bikes. With us, you won’t have to spend even a dime repairing or advertising. We even pay for unwanted cars that haven’t moved for years!!!

If you’re stuck with an old junk vehicle sitting in your yard or on your lot, now you won’t have to pay from your pocket to have them hauled away. We are fully customer oriented service & we pride ourselves on giving the best possible service & leaving all our customers satisfied with smiles on their face.

We can not only scrap old vehicles & pay cash for Unwanted cars, yet can moreover tow them away so you won’t have to worry approximately the hassle.

Unwanted Car Removal

If you don’t want to junk your old vehicle, yet actually want to make some money selling it, selling it on your own to any private seller can be a time consuming & daunting task.

If you decide on selling your car by placing an ad in local paper, that would cost you satisfactory money.

You will moreover have to answer hundreds of phones of people if they call on your & sometimes not even one person may call you & you’re out of the money you paid for the ad plus you won’t obtain rid of the junk vehicle.

We provide you doorstep service to sell your vehicle & provide cash for unwanted cars. Swift Car Removal is the place to call.

We meet with all potential buyers for you so that go approximately your daily business uninterrupted while we sell your vehicle for you.

Sell Unwanted Cars Fast

If there’s a junk car sitting in your driveway or yard, chances are that you neighbors may have seen it & complained to you or the authorities. You moreover don’t want a junk car to block your driveway or garage. Once you’ve successfully eliminated that huge hunk of junk from your property, you’ll be pleased & your neighbours will moreover be relieved.

A lot of time you may not realize that it’s so effortless to obtain your junk vehicles removed without a huge hassle. Most of the time people just don’t have the idea where to go or what to do so their cars end up sitting at just one spot for years.

Here is what you do. You simply call Swift Car Removal at: 0426 000 722!

Cash For Car Removal would be pleased to come & do everything possible to assist you out. Our team will take all trash autos off your hands. We offer the top dollar & can come & obtain any kind of junk vehicles including vans, trucks, cars, & even SUVs.

Though you can obtain quote online on our website, even if we quote price on phone, we really mean what we say & would stick to what we’ve quoted to you as cash for unwanted cars. If you want, we can moreover provide you a quote in person.

We’re ready to provide you best customer service & 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

It’s a fact that our unwanted car removal process is speedy & fast. If you really want to remove your old unwanted cars, then immediately obtain in touch with us. Our team has all the necessary tools & tow trucks to ensure same day speedy removal.

We often work at lightening speed & arrive on time, possible on the same afternoon or evening. We will moreover inform you of ways to hand over your license plate & will tow away your old vehicle within minutes after paying you the quoted amount.

We are unquestionably the best & nobody can match us when it comes to making a genuine offer for unwanted car!!!

Unwanted Cars Removal

Our Removal Process is HASSLE FREE & Really FAST!!!

It’s a fact that our unwanted car removal process is speedy & fast. If you really want to remove your old unwanted cars, then immediately obtain in touch with us. Our team has all the necessary tools & tow trucks to ensure same day removal.

We often work at lightening speed & arrive on time, possible on the same afternoon or evening. We will moreover inform you of ways to hand over your license plate & will tow away your old vehicle within minutes after paying you the quoted amount.

We are unquestionably the best & nobody can match us when it comes to making a genuine offer for unwanted car!!!

We Also Buy Unwanted Trucks

We not only purchase unwanted cars, yet moreover commercial vehicles as well. That means, now companies can contact us if they’re interested in getting rid of their old trucks, or just want a speedy same day car removal.

The process with us is simple & fast. You just need to call us over phone for a free quote. Once you successfully book your vehicle with us, we will quickly fix a convenient pick up time. Our specialty is that we always arrive on time & pay the promised cash to you.

We can work around your schedule & can even come on weekends. We guarantee that nobody can match us on price & we pay the BEST EVER PRICE for your old, unwanted cars or trucks.


If you have a old, rusted car or truck, & really want to book it with us, you won’t have to worry even for a minute.

We’ve been in this business since 2005 and even if your vehicle is 20 years old & in a offensive shape, we will buy it. If your vehicle is rusty with lots of dints, & has a damaged body, is hit from back or front, or has some external or internal issues, we will still offer you the best possible price for it.

Even if your car is unregistered or has been written off by your insurance provider, don’t worry. Immediately contact us over phone & shortly we will offer you top dollar & guaranteed same day removal.

We buy all local, American, European, or Japanese models like

  • Holden
  • Hyundai
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Honda
  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • Daewoo
  • Mitsubishi
  • Ford
  • Citroen
  • Kia
  • Jeep
  • Mazda
  • Isuzu
  • Audi
  • Man
  • Volkwagen
  • Volvo, etc.

You can expect the highest possible cash up to $5000 from us for your old car/truck. We are the best & most professional company that pays the guaranteed highest price & can easily convert the verbal commitment to reality when we book, purchase & remove old cars for cash from any Brisbane suburb. Don’t think we’ll pay you less if your vehicle is dead or is not in a drivable condition.

We always prefer to work around our customer’s schedule.

  • Yes, we pay the TOP DOLLAR for old unwanted junk cars
  • Yes, we donate Best Ever cash for junk trucks/ vans
  • Yes, our team can complete all paperwork for unwanted cars
  • Yes, we moreover buy all registered cars, running or not

Sell Cars For Cash Brisbane

We are professional company that has been in the car removal & disposal business for 15 years & running, all over Brisbane. Throughout the years we have given thousands of people cash for used cars with free car removal services,using our experts & latest equipment. We have gained significant skills in safe removal of cars & a 100% customer satisfaction rate throughout our entire period of operation. This is where you sell cars for cash.

There are many unwanted cars that are parked all over for various reasons. Some are damaged beyond repair, while others are out fashion & others are just left out there when new ones are bought.

These cars are of no value to you, & you could obtain them removed for cash. That is what we do at Cash For Cars Removal.

Brisbane Car Buyers

With us you obtain free car removal services & Cash For Cars,  junk cars, scrap cars, & damaged or unwanted cars that are of no use to you. Our absolutely free service has no hidden cost or fees & is available to all customers irrespective of their location or the vehicle make & condition, once you contact us & receive an online quote.

Our team of experts are fully equipped with the latest & most advanced devices, equipment & skills to remove your car from all situations & conditions.

We remove your junk cars in any condition & with any body shape including vans, trucks & SUV meaning you obtain cash for used cars.

With our expertise, experience & equipment we can remove up to a maximum of 10 cars simultaneously, & the pick-up is done shortly after by the latest towing trucks & equipment & in a short time, upon receiving our online quote.

At Cash For Car Removal we offer accept all car models & make, including: Nissan, BMW, Land Rover, Toyota & much more meaning you can sell any car for cash. However all cars are accepted only if they have the motor & wheels & upon accepting our terms of service on the online quote.

We are generally expanding & rising above ranks in buying your unused cars, enhancing an easier, reliable & available removal process for our customers use.

During the pickup you receive cash for used cars instantly with no questions asked. We offer the best deals for your car all over Brisbane.

We pay our customers up to $5000 cash for used cars upon removal. Once you contact us, you will receive a free online quote & upon accepting our terms of service, you are provided with a rough price for your car over the phone.

A driver is sent with the removal & towing equipment & the payment amount agreed upon.

Why Sell Car?

We are able to pay more cash for scrap cars than our competitors since, we sell the parts of your car & thereafter dismantle the vehicle. We deal with public companies that pay a lot of money for metal & for this reason we donate our customers more cash for their unwanted vehicles.

Our services are reliable. We remove your unwanted car from your premises within hours of receiving our online quote, booking our services & at your convenient time.

We are always available from Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm to obtain rid of your unused car & you obtain to sell cars for cash. The disposal & paperwork process is effortless & takes a short time.

Selling Car Process

All you need to do is hand in the registration plates of your car to the RTA (RMS), after which you are required to complete a registration cancellation form. You are moreover asked to fill our ABN number that is on top right corner of the receipt that we provide to you at the removal time.

On submitting the completed form you are de-registered & you are relieved of your responsibility to the car. No matter your location or the condition of your vehicle, obtain more cash for used cars, unwanted or damaged cars all over Brisbane by using our Swift Car Removals services & you will never regret.

Visit us or contact us & we will obtain back to you with an online quote for free, old, or accident car removal of any model & make.

At Scrap Cars Removal we are dedicated to serve you by, protecting your privacy & giving you the best free car removal service with the top cash for used cars all over Brisbane . Visit Swift Car Removals for satisfying services & sell cars for cash.

Get in Touch with us today

Call us today: 0426 000 722

We provide free quote over the phone for your car.

Selling car with us is very easy.

Cash For Scrap Cars

Get Up To $5000 CASH For Your Scrap VehicleDesperate to remove that useless piece of junk lying stubbornly in your driveway? Want to earn some cash in the process?

You can rely on us. We offer ready cash for scrap cars. We’ve been serving the Brisbane community since 2008 & our efficient team offers you same day removal service & cash at your doorstep.

We even buy all types of trucks & other commercial vehicles without damaging your property or any extra cost to you. Interested?

Then quickly pick up your phone & dial: 0426 000 722 to obtain an instant free quote for your old car or truck.

We’re famous for buying Scrap Cars Brisbane wide for paying highest possible price for old unwanted cars in Brisbane.

Sell Scrap Cars For up to $5000

At Cash For Scrap Cars, our team sees your old vehicles as treasures that can mint money for us. This is the reason we readily pay you top dollar in cash right at your door when you call us. actually, we’re one of the best & most reliable cash for scrap car service in the entire Brisbane area with years of hands on experience in delivering best ever customer service & more cash for your old vehicle.

We’ve quick access to resources that assist us take care of all your accident, scrap, unwanted, damaged, & broken vehicles cannot be registered anymore.

So don’t wait even for a second, immediately call us or just fill up a short “get a quote” form on our website. We will quickly provide you’re a hassle free no-obligation quote for your old cars, vans, trucks, 4x4s, SUVs & 4wds. Cash for scrap cars guarantees you friendly same day service with top dollar up to $5000 in cash at your door.

Why Consider Our Services:

  • We welcome all junk vehicles, any model or make
  • Free no obligation quote within minutes
  • No Roadworthy certificate necessary
  • 24/7 service 365 days a year
  • Cash for scrap cars, 4wds, 4×4, trucks, vans & utes
  • We don’t care whether the vehicle is alive or dead, & will even pay you if it has no registration or is no more roadworthy

Scrap Car for Cash

The Easiest Way to Get Money for Your Unwanted Car

How would you able to remove your unwanted or old car easily & quickly? This is not a huge deal anymore because you can absolutely obtain rid of your car & obtain money from it because of Cash For Cars Removal. We will buy your car in a reasonable price that you will surely love.

So if you want to obtain instant money for your damage or unwanted car you know the right place to go. This will donate you the right price for your suits for your car. In that way you can buy another car & alter it to a new one.

Scrap car for cash is now very easier than the past year because in this present time there are so many companies that will donate you the removal services for free. In this you will not pay anymore their service & the satisfactory news is they will donate you right away the money.

This is the best idea of selling your scrap car to scrap car removal companies to donate you satisfaction. They will remove your car with their trusted team in your convenient time. However you need to know the right processes approximately scrap car for cash for assurance.

There are ways that you can do to obtain cash from your junk cars. You can make it on your own or with the assist of Car Removal Company. These are the easiest & a better way to scrap car for cash.

The methods for the removal of your car will surely donate you the right money that you deserve. But always select the best methods to lessen the stress & effort that you will spend in removing parts of your car.

Scrap Cars Selling process

We offer same day removal & payment in cash at your doorstep for your old, unwanted vehicles. We moreover offer highest every prices. There won’t be any towing charges, & you can moreover obtain quote over phone or on the Internet. We make the entire process effortless & swift for you. Our team will moreover take care of the entire paperwork & we promise we will put your vehicle to satisfactory use.

How Cash for Scrap Cars Service Actually Works?

  1. If you want satisfactory cash for scrap cars, contact us online or over phone for a quote. Our representative will immediately provide you expert technical support.
  2. Once we have all your details, we will take just minutes to evaluate them & will arrive at the best possible junk unwanted car price that we will happily pay you. There won’t be any towing charges & will moreover tell in which price bracket your vehicle stands.
  3. Once you accept our free quote, we will depute a team that will visit your place on the same day to assess your junk vehicle, complete entire paperwork & remove it safely to the scrap yard. We offer tons of cash for scrap cars, running or not.

Clearly, our cash for scrap cars service ensures that you obtain the best bang for your buck & that too in the comfort of your home or office.

You’re relieved from having to deal with dozens of probable people & selling off your old vehicle at a very low price, because the entire process at our side is fully automated & we take care of it. We buy junk cars, vans, trucks & all other types of vehicles, call us today & sell your car fast.

We Purchase Cars- all Makes & Models

We offer you highest price for junk cars & buy almost all types of old vehicles, such as vans, heavy trucks, 4×4, 4wds, utes. We can moreover come over to your place & can easily tow away your old car for free. What a tremendous convenience when you want cash for scrap cars.

We accept all types of local, Korean, Japanese, & European models. We moreover pay T0P DOLLAR or Japanese models such as Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Subaru, & Lexus.

Call us on phone: 0426 000 722 for a free FREE no obligation quote. You can moreover contact us online by submitting an online cash for cars quote.

Cash For Scrap Truck

Trade in Your Truck For Cash Today!
Cash For Scrap Trucksany make and model including:

  • Isuzu
  • Hino
  • Daihatsu
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toyota

Getting rid of commercial vehicles can be very tricky & expensive. Whether you’re a business or an individual, & whether you want to obtain rid of whole fleet, or just one truck, We will pay you the TOP PRICE for your commercial trucks.

Our USP is that we can buy trucks anywhere in Brisbane & in any possible condition.

Towing is FREE. Our only concern is that your experience with us should be the best ever & that we make you offer that exceeds even your expectations.

Get a quote by giving Cash for Scrap truck Brisbane a call on: 0426 000 722 or submit the online form.

Scrap Truck Removal

If you’re worrying on how much it’s going to cost you to dispose off your junk truck, think of the money you’ll receive up to$10,000. The highly professional team at Cash For Truck Brisbane will not only remove that unsightly mountain scrap from your premises, yet will moreover offer considerable amount of cash for it.

A specialized team of authorized professionals will drive all the way to your location to pick up your old or damaged truck in a completely hassle free way & will still pay you satisfactory sum of money for it.

Best of all, there are absolutely no towing charges. The team will moreover complete the paperwork for free.

Cash for Junk Trucks

Get up to $10,000

We pay heaps of cash up to $10,000 for trucks. We offer best ever prices over the phone for old, scrap trucks. If you wan to book our cash for truck service, you just have to call us on: 0426 000 722 If you agree to the price, then we will remove your scrap truck by paying you the quoted cash on the spot.

That’s right. You could be up to $10,000 richer today with a simple phone call!

  • Cash for any junk truck, make or model including-BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Mazda, Hino, Mitsubishi, & Isuzu.
  • Cash for all types of junk, old & scrap trucks.
  • Cash for junk trucks any year & in any possible condition. You’ll receive TOP DOLLAR on the same day. We will pay you & take your truck away.

We will not only remove your large truck for a large sum of money regardless of its condition, model, make or rego situation, yet will moreover complete its paperwork. We will moreover bring along a huge tow truck to move it away for free. Isn’t that great!

The biggest reason is that for us our customers come first. Having serviced & removed more than thousands heavy vehicles in Brisbane area we know fully well that selling your junk truck privately can be hugely expensive & quite stressful.

That’s why at Cash For Car Removal our team wants to assist you in disposing your truck hassle free.

We’re moreover genuinely committed to ensuring that all scrap trucks & other wrecked vehicles are disposed of in a responsible way & do not cause any further damage to our environment.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a competent, reliable cash for truck service specialization in removal of heavy duty vehicles such as trucks, vans, utes, 4wds, look no furtner.

We’re Fully Accredited & Equipped?

At cash for junk truck, we’re fully equipped, accredited & highly experienced in handling:

  • Absolutely free towing with wheel lift or flatbed truck,
  • All necessary legal documentation necessary to dispose of your junk/scrap truck
  • Quick removal of your truck from your place or collision location
  • We’re fully registered with Aussie Environment Agency & are authorized End of Life Vehicle Center.

Plus, with Unwanted Truck Removal you will obtain the best quote in the market for your wrecked, unwanted, damaged or old trucks. Regardless of your truck’s model, age, make or condition, We will be there to pick up your old bomb anywhere in the Brisbane region, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Cash for Trucks is based in Brisbane & provides services for all types of Unwanted, Old, Junk, Wrecked, Accident, Smashed, Scrap & Old Trucks, Vans, 4wds, Ute, throughout Sydney.

Truck Removal offer cash for Scrap Vans, & specialize in Old Truck, Van, Ute Removals & Recycling.

Truck Wreckers Brisbane

There are so many cash for junk vehicle companies out there, yet we’re just one of the few that specialize in buying pickup trucks & SUVs. And there’s one significant reason why you must sell your truck or any other heavy vehicle to us & not to those guys.

We can always make you highest cash offer with guaranteed same day removal from your property. We pay top dollar for any pickup or SUV in any possible condition.

Swift Car Removal maintains a focus on bigger vehicles for one simple reason-they’re large. The very fact that they are not cars automatically makes them much more valuable.

Even if a van or truck is a total loss & worth its weight in scrap metal, they still tend to weight 30-70 percent more, & therefore, are worth significantly more. Many cash for junk truck companies treat all vehicles as same, yet we do not.

Don’t deal with the junk vehicle companies who only know approximately cars. SUVs, vans & trucks are worth more, & you’ll obtain the most cash for yours if you sell to a professional SUV & pickup truck vendor.

Call us or fill out our short online form to obtain an instant FREE quote. Let us prove that we’re the truck pickup experts.

Cash for Truck Services.

  • Truck Wreckers
  • Cash for Old Trucks
  • Damaged Truck Removal
  • Commercial Truck Removals
  • Unwanted Truck Removals
  • Truck Disposal
  • Old Truck Removal
  • Truck Recycling
  • Cash for Trucks

Junk Truck Removal

Many junk car removal services in Brisbane simply make the profit by offering free towing facilities, & then sell these junk cars to scrap dealers to cover their towing fee & generate some profit. We moreover offer junk car removal, & moreover offer you handsome salvage value for your car as well.

Swift Car Removal is reliable, swift & well known for paying top dollar for junk cars/trucks in Brisbane . We are market leaders in junk removal for over past 10 years & have earned a reputation of complex work & keeping our promises.

Get best value for unwanted cars & put the least hassle in the process. So immediately pick up the phone & request a evaluation specialist today. Tomorrow you will have satisfactory cash in your pocket & an empty spot in your driveway.

It’s now perfect time to free up some of your valuable space & fill up your pocket with up to $10,000 generous cash rewards!!

Contact Cash for Truck Brisbane on phone at: 07 3290 1192 or 0426 000 722 or fill up a short “Get a Quote” Form on this page.

Car Wrecker

        • Toyota
        • Toyota Dyna
        • Hilux
        • Landcruiser
        • Hino
        • Mitsubishi
        • Daihatsu
        • Isuzu
        • Land Rover
        • Honda

Get TOP DOLLAR up to $5000 or your old, Unwanted Cars!

Have a old, unwanted junk car that’s nothing yet a worthless eyesore taking up valuable space in your house? Call us today.

Our team can not only haul it away for free, we moreover put up to $5000 in your pocket on the spot!

Contact us at: 0426 000 722

for a FREE quote!

There’s no reason to feel your junk car is worthless when you call car wreckers Brisbane. We offer all our customers TOP DOLLAR for their junk cars, which could mean satisfactory cash in your pocket without making much effort, on the spot.

There are no hassles of paperwork as we take care of that aspect. No matter how damaged your car or any other vehicle is, running or not, it unquestionably has value at car wreckers Brisbane.

Well, there’s no car we won’t accept. We even welcome cars torn in pieces, or their engine or doors removed. Give us a call today for a value of your unwanted car removal in Brisbane.

Call us at: 0426 000 722

Car Wrecking Brisbane

We are Brisbane top car wreckers, we work purely on cash for car basis. So the entire process is simple & the one where we offer our customers cash & convenience!

We serve all Brisbane suburbs & never charge any towing fee. When you enlist us, you actually enlist a professional who knows the real value of your car.

We have number of expert car appraisers in our team who know the value of type of cars or other type of vehicles, domestic or foreign, running or not, in any possible condition.

When you donate us a ring requesting a quote, out top notch appraisers will immediately assess your vehicle & offer you a best price as they know the value of your vehicle, right down to the cent. At car wreckers Brisbane , your wrecked car removal could be worth up to: $5000

You have two ways to obtain a no-obligation quote from car wreckers Brisbane:

          • Request a no obligation, free quote via our simple “get a quote” form located on our website. You just have to provide simple details such as model & make of your car, & its age & condition.
          • Once all these details are with us, we will immediately calculate its value & offer you a quote worth up to: $5000
          • Should you reject our quote, that’s all there is to it. However, if you accept it, we can immediately arrange a time that’s convenient to you to come & provide you a hassle free car removal anywhere in Brisbane.
          • Once our team is at your location, we will immediately exchange the cash for the car, on the spot.
          • Our cash for junk unwanted cars system is very simple & convenient & we moreover accept all models & makes of the cars, SUV’s trucks, commercial vehicles, 4WD, utes, vans etc. Whatever your vehicle’s condition, running or not, within an hour from your call, our team can be at your location to pick u your wrecked, unwanted car.

Give us a call at: 0426 000 722

Why Choose Car Wreckers Brisbane?

          • We always offer Top Dollar for your unwanted car removal.
          • We never charge any towing fee
          • We serve all Sydney suburbs with free junk car removals
          • Offer hassle free, convenient car removals in Sydney
          • Accept all models & makes, running or not
          • Accept trucks, cars, motorcycles, vans, commercial vehicles, 4WD, Utes, & all other types of vehicles
          • Can remove any type of vehicle, in any possible condition

Car wreckers Brisbane has car specialists that are at the top of what they do & always offer best possible services. When you need urgent car removal in Brisbane, you can count on us.

We pay up to: $5000 on the spot, for your junk car removal.

Unwanted Car Dismantling

Once we pick up your old car, truck, motorcycle, ute, van, commercial vehicle, 4WD, ute, etc, we can then haul it to one of our master scrap yards where master auto dismantlers will then commence to dismantle it, removing all its components & parts to reuse, recycle or resell.

Once the vehicle is striped of all its components & parts, it is then crushed into scrap metal which is then reused or resold. The entire process is eco-friendly & leaves minimal environmental impact on Mother Earth.

Contact Us Today!!!

For a friendly & swift junk car removal, just donate us a call at numbers listed below, or complete our short form located on our website.

We will quickly provide you a free quote & schedule an appointment for your car removal should you accept our quote. Call us at:0426 000 722

Mitsubishi Truck Wreckers Brisbane

Want to sell Mitsubishi truck to wreckers? We’re a trustworthy, reliable & highly processional scrap truck removal service that focuses on the purchase & quick removal of Unwanted Mitsubishi trucks for cash in the entire Brisbane area.

We’re the first choice of sellers in Brisbane when it comes to removal of scrap trucks for cash in the region. Our objective is to offer you best price in exchange for your Junk truck in a way that you’re pleased with.

Sell Mitsubishi truck to wreckers

If you feel you can no longer use your truck, you can sell it for cash wreckers. You will immediately receive the best price for your scrap vehicle.

Our team will be there right at your doorstep & will provide the best possible customer service to take care of all your needs satisfactorily.

No other firm can provide you both of these. In order to ensure the best possible service, we solely focus on the following three values:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability

Through these above listed values, we can offer highly efficient service to all our customers ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Our dedicated workers are hardworking professionals who can assist you receive the right value & price for your scrap truck or van.

Selling your Truck for Scrap- How it Works?

First you will donate us a call providing vital details approximately your truck: registration, location & condition. Then we will work out the right price for your truck.

We buy all Mitsubishi truck models such as, Canter, Delica, Triton, Pajero, Challenger, Outlander, & so on.

If you’re pleased with our price, we will immediately arrange a convenient time for us to come & collect your truck. The best thing approximately our company is that we pay on the post & there are no hidden fees or charges.

Cash For Scrap Mitsubishi Trucks

We offer up to $15,000 cash for unwanted trucks & pay instant cash at your doorsteps as we do removal. This is after we’ve provided you with estimated price of your truck over phone.

Once you agree to the price, we will send a towing truck to remove the junk truck from your property. The best thing approximately dealing with our company is that we offer top cash & will beat any other competitor price. 0426 000 722

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

When you’re dealing with us, you won’t have to worry approximately how you will obtain rid of your junk because scrap truck removal is a part of our service.

So disposing your truck has never been easier. We cover the entire Brisbane & New South Wales areas & ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Moreover, our team is well-equipped & trained to assist them easily move your truck from any situation. We’re thorough professionals & can easily remove your unwanted truck in any condition.

We moreover buy junk cars, SUVs & other types of scrap vehicles.

We buy all Mitsubishi Vehicles

We have a capacity to remove any number of vehicles at the same time because we use latest hi-tech equipment for pickup & towing trucks.

The entire process is over within 15 minutes. We accept the following Mitsubishi make & models:

  • Cash For Canter
  • Cash For Delica
  • Cash For Triton
  • Cash For Pajero
  • Cash For Challenger
  • Cash For Outlander

and much more.

When you have plans to sell Mitsubishi truck to wreckers select us. In fact, we accept all vehicles that have wheels & motor.

Now we’re expanding even more & buying unwanted junk/scrap cars, vans, SUVs as well. We make the entire removal process easier & reliable for customers to use.

We’re reliable!

We have necessary expertise to remove your unwanted trucks within hours from the time you make booking. Remember that our junk truck & car removal service is not just free, yet is moreover reliable.

Whether your truck is located in Penrith, Bankstown, North Brisbane , or Sutherland shire, we cover all Brisbane areas & you don’t need to worry which Brisbane suburb you come from.

Why Choose Us for your Junk Truck Removal?

We have years of hands on experience in buying unwanted old vehicles & offer quick removal service. We moreover offer cash payment to all our customers & our vehicle removal services are free.

We implement environmentally friendly & ethical vehicle recycling processes, including de-gassing, safe oil & liquids removal. You would love the rates we offer.

Our well trained team offers customer friendly service.

For reliable & quick scrap truck removal for cash service, contact us immediately & you will be impressed with our rates.

Toyota Truck Wreckers Brisbane

Cash For Toyota Trucks Service

Get Top $$ For Toyota Trucks 0426 000722

Many people want to Sell Toyota Truck to Wreckers yet are not too sure approximately the best & reliable company that offers cash for junk trucks right at their doorsteps.

If you’re one of them, we would like to introduce ourselves as a professional & trustworthy scrap truck removal form that solely focuses on purchase & removal of all types of junk trucks for cash in the entire Brisbane area.

For years, we’ve been top New South Wales’ company of choice when it comes to purchase & removal of scrap Toyota trucks for cash in this region.

Our main objective is to ensure that we offer the best price in exchange for your Scrap Truck in a way you’re pleased with.

If you want cash swift for your junk truck, you can expect that you’ll receive the best possible price from us, backed by prompt customer service to take care of all your needs satisfactorily.

No other metal recycling firm in Brisbane can provide you both of these services. We are able to provide you best service by ensuring the delivery of the following three values:

  • Complete professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Trustworthiness

Through these listed values, we are able to offer you an efficient service for best possible customer satisfaction. We have a dedicated team of seasoned professionals that can assist you receive the best price & value for your Toyota truck.

Sell Toyota Truck To Wreckers

First you’ll have to provide us details approximately your vehicle-location, registration & its condition. You can moreover contact us online as we respond within hours.

Our team will immediately work out the right price. We offer the best price for all Toyota models & makes such as Dyna, Coaster, Landcruiser , Hilux, Hiace, 4runner, Surf, Prado,

etc. Once you’re pleased with the price, we will immediately arrange a convenient time to come to your place to collect the truck.

We instantly pay you on the spot & there are no hidden charges to surprise you!

No worries when you deal with us!

When you want sell Toyota truck to wreckers, rely on use. With us you won’t have to worry even for a second approximately the disposal of your truck because scrap removal is a part of our service.

So disposing your damaged vehicle has never been easier. Our company offers reliable service in all New South Wales & Brisbane areas with complete customer satisfaction.

Moreover our junk truck removal team experts are well equipped & trained in handling latest technology, which helps them remove your truck from any situation.

We’re a professional comp-any & can do everything we can to serve you to the best of our ability. Apart from trucks, we moreover buy vans, SUVs, Ute, 4×4, & much more. You can find more on our service by visiting our website.

Toyota Wreckers Brisbane

Our team can remove any number of vehicles at the same time. This is possible because we use hi-tech equipment during the pickup & our towing trucks can complete the job within 20 minutes flat.

We accept the following Toyota make & models:

  • Toyota Dyna
  • Toyota Coaster
  • Toyota Landcruiser
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Hiace
  • Toyota 4runner
  • Toyota Surf
  • Toyota Prado

and much more.

To say the least, we accept all types of vehicles that have a motor & wheel in them.

Now we’re expanding & buying even more in scrap/junk cars, trucks & vans & the entire process is now even more easier & reliable for customers to use.

We offer instant cash up to $15,000 cash for you unwanted vehicles in any Brisbane & New South Wales area. We pay instant cash on the spot as we do the removal.

We do this after we provide you an estimated price over the phone for your scrap vehicle. We then send an experienced driver with a towing truck to your place.

He will remove the vehicle & will pay you cash due. If you want to sell Toyota truck to wreckers select us because we pay top cash for scrap trucks & can easily beat any other competitor.

Old Toyota Truck Removal

Our team will remove your unwanted truck within few hours from the time you make the booking. Remember that our service is not only timely & reliable, yet is moreover free.

Get rid of your unwanted junk with instant cash at your doorstep.

You can trust us as we have solid experience in buying unwanted, old vehicles & offer vehicle removal service. We pay cash on the spot & our removal service is free. We use eco-friendly methods to dispose your junk vehicles & offer you best market value.

For reliable & swift Cash For scrap truck or car removal for cash service,

contact us at:0426 000 722

and you’ll be impressed with our rates.

We buy any kind of Toyota cars.

  • Toyota Aurion
  • Toyota Kluger
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Avalon
  • Toyota Corolla

and much more. Just donate us a call & we will pay you top cash for Toyota cars.

Cash For Honda cars

Cash For Honda cars

-Get Instant Cash for your Unwanted Cars

At Cash For Car Removal we have one of the best cash for Honda cars service throughout Brisbane. We offer free towing service for all types of cars, trucks, SUV’s vans, & 4×4 wd’s on the same day.

For Car Removal Brisbane please call us on: 0426 000 722

and instantly obtain a online quote . We pay up to $5000 cash for your unwanted cars. In fact, if you can manage you can even bring your car to our scrap yard & obtain extra $50.

Cash for Car Removal cash for cars service

Car Removal is a industry leader in Brisbane Australia & is moreover playing a huge role in the recycling process.

These days, numbers of cheap & new imported cars are moreover increasing on the Australian roads, & so do the unwanted scrap cars.

Not only are the number of junk cars increasing yet congested roads & streets moreover cause lot of accidents as well, which moreover brings many more damaged junk cars in the community.

Abandoned Junk car removal

Different types of unwanted scrap old cars sometime create a huge headache as it’s really complex to sell them as they have absolutely no market value & are moreover not worth to be re-registered.

If you find yourself in this type of situation then call: 07 3290 1192

And ask for our free cash for Honda cars removal service. Our friendly customer care representative will instantly offer you a quote for your vehicle over the phone & will moreover book a tow truck to remove the car as per your preferred day & time.

We moreover not down your number & address & will usually call you one hour before the exact pickup time so that you know our tow truck is on its way to remove your junk car from your premises.

We will moreover prepare all the paperwork so there are no hassles for you at all.

Cash for Cars Removal

Our Honda wreckers branch in Brisbane is servicing the area for years & has now gained superior reputation due to its quick & effortless junk car removal service.

All those who’ve been serviced by us have often referred us to their relatives & friends. We can easily pickup & remove your cars from almost any location, including underground parking.

If you’re in such a situation where your car is badly stuck in the car park & it’s not possible to somehow drive it out nor a tow truck would able to remove it,

then Swift Car Removal is here to assist you . our trained cash for Honda cars removal team can easily remove these cars within minutes.

You just have to explain the situation over the phone an shortly we will come prepared accordingly.

Quick Car Removal

Car disposal & recycling is now made effortless with Our swift & efficient service is now available throughout Brisbane.

If you’re interested in disposing your old damaged, unwanted car that no longer required or is not worth the repair, then you’ve come at the right place.

We at Cash For Car Removal can pay you up to $5000 cash for Honda cars, trucks, vans, utes & 4WDs. Just call us at: 07 3290 1192

To book a pickup time & obtain instant cash for Honda cars. We usually remove all types of cars at 2 hours notice.

Cash For Land Rover

Get Instant Cash for landrover Cars in Sydney

Car Removal pays top cash for landrover cars service has been specifically designed to offer Sydney residents an opportunity to earn top dollar to “clean up” their driveways, years, & garages by buying old, unwanted, scrap vehicles.

Unlike competitors, cash for landrover cars welcomes almost all makes & models of vehicles, foreign & domestic, whether running or not! We specialize in all old vehicles & offer the best possible prices paid for your cars & other vehicles.

For added convenience, we can even arrange free towing. So you won’t have to pay anything for this service.

We will come to your door & pay instant cash for landrover cars & tow away your junk.

Landrover Wreckers Brisbane

Rest assured your unwanted old junk vehicle will be well taken care of & will be put to satisfactory use. We follow eco-friendly processes & remove & recycle hazardous materials & vehicle fluids.

Some parts of your old cars will be supplied to customers for re-use & the remaining ones will be processed to create new steel & various other products.

By recycling old vehicles, we moreover assist the environment by reducing any need to manufacture new products from purely virgin materials that in turn saves water, energy & moreover reduces mining & various other production wastes.

Cash for landrover cars buys all kinds of vehicles all across Brisbane. So whether you just want to clean up your yard or just need some cash,

please contact us today at: 07 3290 1192

you can moreover fill up a enquiry form to obtain a free quote from us.

Cash for land rover cars

By Phone: 07 3290 1192

Monday – Saturday: 8AM – 7:30PM

Sunday: Closed

Open 24 hours, 365 days per year

How It Works?

Here we are listing 3 simple steps to cash for your unwanted car:

1. You submit your details online or through phone at 07 3290 1192 . Within hours, our team contacts you by email or phone with a quote for your vehicle.

2. You accept our offer & we then collect some additional information required to complete the process. We send a team with a tow truck to pick up your junk vehicle & pay you the quoted cash.

Why Should I Sell My Unwanted Vehicle?

  • Get unwanted, unused vehicle off your property.
  • Get cash for cars or truck you’re no longer using.
  • Your vehicle will unquestionably be put to satisfactory use.
  • Help someone who might be interested in parts for their similar vehicle.

Why Should I Sell My Vehicle to Cash For Car Removal?

  • We offer the highest possible price for junk cars
  • We make the entire process effortless for you-we moreover take care of all the paperwork!
  • Your vehicle will be put to satisfactory use in an eco-friendly way. We recycle hazardous materials & vehicle fluids.

We will provide parts from your vehicle to our parts customers for reuse. Remaining scrap metal will be used for creating new steel & many other products.

By recycling we assist our fragile environment by reducing need to create new products.

Get in touch with us today at: 0426 000 722

Cash For Old Cars Removal Brisbane

Cash For Old Cars Removal Brisbane

We pay Cash For Old Cars in Brisbane with free car removal service in all Brisbane  areas. Cash Paid for any kind old cars in any condition, make and model. Scrap Car Removal offers up to $5000 Cash For Old Cars. We are Brisbane’s top Cash for Old car service provider that pays instant cash during the removal. We offer our service for all areas and your car can be removed any convenient time. We have made the process much easier and faster as we have the latest technology, equipment and knowledge to provide you with 100% satisfaction.


Cash For Old Cars Brisbane

Scrap Car Removal is ready to pay cash for cars in Brisbane areas. We cover all areas from Western Suburbs, to eastern and Campbelltown to North Brisbane . Every street is covered as we have over 10 trucks that can remove your old car in no time. Selling your car is is not a hassle with us. Simply give us a call and we take care of the rest.

Why Choose us?

The first reason why choose us is that we pay up to $5000 cash for old cars and provide FREE removal from your premises in any suburb is Brisbane . We buy your old car regardless of the make and model and the condition.

We get you:

  • Guaranteed top cash for your old car
  • Same day removal
  • Cash For Old Truck, Van, Ute, 4WD, SUV, Bus and more
  • All Brisbane areas

You Old car can be from any manufacturer including: Toyota, Nissan, Jeep and more.

Get Free Quote Today

Why wait give us a call today and enjoy a hassle free service.

You can call us directly on: 0426 000 722

or submit an online enquiry form and we will be in touch soon.

Cash For Used Cars

Cash For Used Cars

Cash Up To $5000 For Unwanted Cars In Brisbane

Interested in removing that piece of old, unwanted junk from your yard? Car Removal are one of the biggest car removal company that offers top cash for used cars in Brisbane.

In fact, our company is playing a leading role in the car recycling process. As number of cars (both imported as well as foreign) increase on country roads, so is the number of unwanted junk cars.

Aside from that, many accidents on congested streets & roads bring many more unwanted vehicles in the community.

These old, damaged cars can sometimes create a huge mess as it’s impossible to find buyers as they don’t have any market value & are not worth to be registered.

Cash For Used Cars -Truck, Ute, Van, 4WD

Cash For Used Cars Service From Cash For Cars Sydney

If you find yourself in this type of situation then call: 07 3290 1192 & request our same day & free car removal service. Our cash for used cars team will immediately donate you a no-obligation quote for your car & will moreover book a tow truck to remove your junk car as per the date & time convenient to you.

We will note the number & address & will inform you at least one hour before the actual pickup time so that you know that tow truck is on its way.

You can sell your junk cars to us. We pay top dollar right at your door? We can clean up your yard or driveway on the same day!

There’s no need to come to our office for a quote. We can provide you no obligation quote over the phone or online. Contact us on: 07 3290 1192 or submit the online form.

Sell Used Cars

Our branch in Brisbane is servicing the city for the past many years & has gained tremendous reputation due to its swift & effortless car removal service. All those we’ve serviced for their vehicle removal have always referred us to their family members & friends.

We can easily pickup & remove vehicles from all locations including underground parking. If you are in a situation where your car has been badly struck in the car park & there’s no chance of it being driven out in any way, then Swift Car Removal will send its special removal team to remove the car in the short time.

You just need to explain the whole situation to us over the phone so that we can come prepared accordingly.

Vehicle Disposal & Car recycling in the entire Brisbane is made efficient, effortless & fast. If you’re looking to dispose off your car that is no longer fit for repairs, then you’ve come at the right place.

We at Car Removal can pay up to $5000 cash for unwanted scrap cars , vans, SUVs, 4WD, utes & trucks. Just call us on:07 3290 1192

We usually remove vehicles at two hours notice.

Swift Car Removal offers the following services throughout Brisbane area:

  • Cash For Used Cars
  • Sell Used cars
  • Free Unwanted used car removal
  • Sell Used Car Online

Cash For Used Cars Removal

When you sell your car or any other vehicle for cash to us, we will offer you a completely hassle free & swift removal. So, don’t worry approximately paying tons of cash as towing fees.

We remove all kind of vehicles for free in all Brisbane  suburbs. And remember, It doesn’t effect price quote that we offer to you over the phone or email. We donate the instant cash that we quote & we immediately remove the vehicle with our free vehicle removal service.

Some FAQs

  • Will you purchase my unwanted vehicle if it’s encumbered?Yes, we can buy provided the due amount to the lender is less that our offer on your vehicle. When we purchased any vehicle we always obtain confirmation on payout from the lender. We pay remaining amount to the lender & will moreover pay any difference to you.
  • Do I have to come to your office or will your people visit my premises to value my car?We can visit your place. You can moreover obtain quote over the phone. Please call on: 07 3290 1192 and discuss how you can obtain cash for used cars.
  • When & how do I obtain paid for my vehicle?As shortly as you hand over your vehicle to us, we’ll pay you the agreed amount in cash or in your bank account. Unlike other buyers we do not take seven days.
  • Do I need to obtain a roadworthy certificate?You don’t need any roadworthy certificate in South AustraliaYou don’t need it in NSWYou don’t need it in Victoria
  • Do you need my rego papers?Yes, you will have to provide us with proper identification & rego papers such as your driver’s license to prove that you’re the real owner.

Interested in selling your junk car? Interested in cash for used cars in Brisbane? Get in touch with our team at: 0426 000 722

or fill a short online form to obtain an instant no-obligation quote!


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