How to Sell a Car with Mechanical Issues?

A lot of effort is required in the process of selling a vehicle. Advertising the car, researching the correct price to sell it at, negotiating with customers and accompanying them on test drives can all take a lot out of you. If the vehicle you are selling needs quite a few repairs. Then you might need to add doing that into your plans before you sell your broken car.

Or not. You don’t have to. But if you decide to, a whole new set of questions need answering, such as how big should your repair budget be, where to get the repairs done, what exactly needs fixing.


What needs repairing and how bad is it?

Before doing repairs, one needs to know what needs repairing. If you are knowledgeable about the inner workings of a vehicle. You might be able to figure it out for yourself. But no-one will judge you for seeking the help of a professional.

It will help the process greatly if you give the whole vehicle a great clean up. Whether the damage is on the interior or exterior, cleaning the car up may assist you in your efforts to find out what exactly needs fixing. Keep an eye out for broken lights, rust, any missing trim, dents, and so on as these problems will have a detrimental impact on your car’s worth.

The main area that needs serious assessment is the engine. It’s what makes the car do what it is used for: driving. Is it clean? Are there any leaks?

Don’t forget about the interior, because you don’t want to sell it and have the new owner coming back and calling you a liar because of all the broken bits and pieces that you never mentioned.

Will fix it be cost effective?

When a vehicle gets very old, expensive repairs are more likely to be a complete waste of money. If you need to sell an old car that needs these expensive repairs you may have to just advertise the car as being available for purchase “as is”. There is also the option of selling it to a salvage yard. Who pay cash for faulty cars regardless of condition based on weight. How many parts they can take off and sell it.

If the vehicle is not so old, then it will probably be cost effective to repair it.

Actually getting the fixing done

This doesn’t apply to anyone who is reasonably able to do repairs themselves because of expertise and knowledge in that area. But most of us don’t have that so it is important to figure out who to pay to get those repairs done. Unless you are selling to the Auto Wreckers Brisbane, in which case you don’t have to lift a finger.

Finding the right mechanic will involve getting quotes from a few different businesses to have an idea of the pricing, looking online at their business listing and seeing if there are any unhappy customers, and asking friends and family if they recommend anybody. You may just decide to go the mechanic closest to you who charges the least. If you are unhappy with their work you can always leave a bad review online.

Once repairs have been done, you can include the fact in the advertising of the vehicle. This might make it an even more enticing purchase option for potential buyers. Just remember, you need to have a good working knowledge of your vehicles strengths and weaknesses before you buy it. Your bank account balance will thank you for it!