How much do Junkyards pay for cars

Has your current vehicle finally reached the junk status? If so, then it is understandable that you might be planning to replace it with a new vehicle. This is not all an easy process because you will have to rush from one junk yard to the other and collect quotes for your automobile. Also, not even all the automotive outlets will pay you a fair cash for your vehicle that is a complete wreck. Only reputed wreckers can help you with the quality service & top cash.

However, the price may also vary from one scrap yard to the other and depending on how skilled you are at making negotiations. Be sure not to get ripped off by junk yards that offer low-ball prices for your car. Because no matter what is the level of disrepair in your automobile, it would probably value more than your expectations due to its scrap metal potential. The following are the key factors that Junkyards generally consider while paying cash for damaged or wrecked automobiles. 


Condition of your car

Is your vehicle in a good working order? Are there any scratches or dents that need to be fixed? Or, maybe some of the major parts like the car’s engine may need to be repaired. All of these things will highly affect the worth of your car. For instance, the automobile’s engine can be sold for good after recycling, if it is in a good condition. A vehicle’s outer body can be also crushed and use for several purposes.

Therefore, an automobile with a good state can be highly valuable. The technicians at junk yards may wreck and recycle it for re-use purpose in operating automobiles.

Weight and Size of your vehicle

The weight and size of your vehicle will absolutely matter, when selling it to a scrap yard.  The people at wrecking yards usually salvage vehicle parts by parts and then recycle it to re-use again. So, if you have a heavy commercial automobile like a van, truck or Ute, then you could be actually sitting on a gold mine.

Your car’s odometer reading

Taking a note of the mileage of your vehicle is very important. Since lower odometer reading would mean the vehicle still have a longer life and a good running engine. That’s why junk yards always look out at the vehicle’s odometer and age to have a good idea of the vehicle’s condition. Generally, the more the automobile mileage, the less value you will get for it.

Make, Models & Brand of your vehicle

The make and model of an automobile also help to determine its value. If you have a newer vehicle, then it would have an upgraded engine which will surely worth good dollars. These engines would help be used in other operating cars and help in saving fuel consumption. However, if you have an old make or model, it won’t an upgraded engine and will certainly get you a low price when it comes to selling it.

Selling an old or damaged automobile for a fair price is of course a tough job. But, if you know its worth, then you can actually negotiate a good price when it comes to selling it to salvage yards like who operates through Western Australia.