How does car recycling work in Sydney, NSW?

In today’s world, recycling of old or scrap automobiles has become very crucial for the automotive industries. According to a survey conducted in the US, the automobile recycling industry contributes about $25 billion every year to the national GDP. In addition to this, of about 12 million of automobiles that have reached the end of their driving careers are recycled every year.  Here have a look at how auto recycling industries work.

How automobiles are recycled?

When a vehicle is about to reach its imminent demise or reaches the end of its useful life. Its owner declares it as a useless pile of junk and sell it to a scrap yard or auto recycling center. Once the vehicle reaches the auto recycling establishment. The following steps are followed to recycle it –

Thorough inspection of the vehicle is conducted 

First of all, the auto recyclers perform a detailed inspection of the automobile in order to determine. Whether to repair and sell or wreck and recycle it. If the vehicle looks more valuable to repair rather than recycling. They decide to repair it and put it back in a running condition to be sold again. Check out the benefits of environmentally friendly car disposal in Sydney. However, if they find that wrecking and recycling the vehicle for parts is more profitable, than they decide to go for the same.


Removing and wrecking the useful parts of the vehicle

According to a research about 90% of unwanted or junk automobiles are recycled every year instead of being repaired to reuse. First the auto recyclers drain out various fluids from the vehicle like petrol, oil, transmission fluids, antifreeze and lubricants used in the brakes. They also segregate all the toxic fluids and dispose them in an ecologically safe manner.

Additionally, liquids like gas and oil are filtered and then stored safely in sealed containers for reuse. After this, the auto engine and transmission are lifted and pulled out from the vehicle chassis. The other useful part and components like batteries, tires, etc. are also recovered, recycled. Also, they use for in other working vehicles.

Selling extracted car parts 

The parts which can be used as it is to repair other working automobiles are sold as second hand spare parts. While other components are sold to vehicle parts re manufacturers to recondition.

The auto parts that are mostly recycled includes batteries, tyres, windscreen glass, radiators, carpets, belts, transmissions, wheels, rubber hoses, car seats, oil filters and steels and iron components. These recycled components are used for various purposes. For example, unwanted tyres are recycled to be used in pavement bases to make new roads. The auto batteries are usually recycled to manufacture new ones. These clearance and discount auto parts can be bought for cheap.

The glass extracted from the automobiles is recycled and used to manufacture porcelain, flooring, jewelry, glass beads and countertops. Also, recycling glass helps in saving about 10 gallons of oil that is otherwise consumed in the manufacturing of new glass.

Shredding the automobiles 

After removing all the recyclable components of the automobiles, the auto body is then sent to shredding facility. The operators crush the auto body to extract useful metals like steel and iron from it. These metal components are usually sold to metal industries which use them to produce a variety of useful products.  

Finally, only reputed Sydney Auto Wreckers do the whole recycling procedure in a right way. We should all be aware of that.