Why is Auto Recycling Important for the Environment?

Do you have a junk vehicle? If you do, it may pain you to think of all the fun times you and your former ride had together, driving to and from work each day, not to mention the road trips to the beach during the summer. But all of that is over now. The scrap heap you once called a vehicle is now taking up space on your front lawn, making your property look ugly and upsetting your family.

It will be safe to say that it is completely un-sellable. The best option right now is to take advantage of the services of a car removal company. This will solve your problem while at the same time providing a small bit of financial remuneration. If you are environmentally conscious, though, you might be asking if this route is the best disposal method in relation to your concerns for the well -being of the planet. Well, it is. And here are some reasons why:


Steel Recycling

A lot of steel goes into the manufacture of automobiles. The thing about steel is it requires a lot of energy resources in order to extract it from the ground. And the use of these resources is what is contributing to climate change. That isn’t all though. It also adds to air and water pollution.

Steel is an incredibly strong alloy, and while other materials are being used more often (such as fibreglass and carbon fibre), steel still provides a large amount of strength to the vehicle, which acts as a safety feature. At the moment there are no good substitutes for steel, so recycling is the perfect answer to the problem of the pollution that occurs as a result of its production. Auto disposal techniques need to take all of this into account.

Steel is finite

There isn’t an endless amount of the elements that go into making the steel alloy in the ground. Whenever anyone simply dumps their old auto scrap, they are effectively throwing away a valuable resource.

This goes for car parts as well. When old un-driveable cars are considered junk, this doesn’t mean the entire thing is useless. There will probably still be plenty of components that can be removed and re-sold as used parts. Of course, this will mean that the materials that were used to make them will be re-used as well. Auto recycling really does make a difference.

Car batteries

There are plenty of toxic chemicals that are bad for the environment in car batteries. Car batteries also happen to be extremely easy to recycle. Usually car dealers will be happy to take a car battery off you.


Tyres are also easy to recycle. They needn’t end up in a landfill. They can be used as an energy resource and they can be shredded and used to make rubber asphalt; the amount of ways that they can be recycled is plentiful.

If you have an old vehicle that needs to be disposed of contact your local Car Removal Brisbane company and have it removed. They won’t charge removal fees and will even pay you cash for the thing.